Pre-Selected 16 pc Graduation Package!

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PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Pre-Selected 16 pc Graduation Box: Amaretto Colette,Amaretto Truffle,Peanut Butter Colette White,Strawberry Cheesecake Colette,Liquid Caramel,Mexican Vanilla Colette,Blood Orange Cream,Cookies N Cream Truffle, Jamaican Truffle, Cherry Colette,Pecan Praline Caramel, oeanut Butter Colette Dark, Key Lime Cheesecake Colette, Hazelnut Espresso Truffle, Coconut Cream Truffle and Cappuccino Colette. 1 GRADUATION GLITTER 1 GRADUATION LOLLIPOP 1 SPECIAL CARD TO CELEBRATE (ENTER YOUR PERSONALIZED GIFT MESSAGE IN CHECK OUT)

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