Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur - CLASSIC, 12 Piece

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12 Piece Box


DUE TO SUPPLY CHAIN INTERUPTION TEMPORAILY UNAVAILABLE The passionate combination of strawberry cream liqueur with a splash of tequila and now in luscious dark chocolate. Enhance that special moment with a wonderful new sensory experience... caress your taste buds with Quintessential Chocolates, the original American confection handcrafted using a centuries old Liqueur Praline process. The chocolate is a fine high-end American dark chocolate. Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur is encapsulated within a fine sugar shell to maintain and enhance the purity of the flavors. A rich dark chocolate with a high cocoa and cocoa butter content later surrounds it. The savory liquid remains suspended in a sugar crust until it is crushed and the flavors mingle delightfully in your mouth creating a sensational exquisite indulgence.

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